Monthly News from Gib / July 1st, 2023

Common Ground Outreach and the Friendly Philosophers ~ July 1st, 2023      

The world’s burning.  According to Jessie Thompson and my wife Mi there are over 500 wildfires burning (half are out of control) in Canada.  The air is hard to breathe.  Looking around the neighborhood of South Minneapolis the trees and houses a block away are shrouded like the Twilight Zone.

How much should we focus on this stuff?  Is strength to endure really born from understanding… eyes wide open?

Yeah… if we want to have any hope of saving the planet and all the life forms we haven’t killed off we better wake up, but without open hearts and a thread of idealism, the reality is overwhelming.  Building community and sharing hope… finding meaning in things we take for granted… being thankful / is a counterpoint to our scary movie world.

Last night Mi and I had dinner like we do most Fridays and she asked if I’d put some of the basil from our garden on my burrito bowl… so I did, and it was fabulous.  What a wonderful herb.  Beneath the smoke, the Earth still sustains us.  We need to return the favor.  ~  Gib