Prison Outreach


Common Ground Outreach began as a ministry to people in prison. Its founder understood perfectly well that many incarcerated persons had done things to harm themselves and others, but he believes firmly that no lives are irredeemably lost. By reaching out, by helping maintain human connections (both in person, and through correspondence) with people on the outside, CGO helps prisoners maintain hope, a sense that they have worth, and have not been forgotten.

Crime stems from numerous causes, none of which we can fully redress. We aspire to restore to the incarcerated a sense of purpose and an affirmative direction. It is our hope to foster positive connections and relationships that can allow them the opportunity to grow and to make better choices once their incarceration ends – and to find meaning and purpose while enduring hardship. We know from experience that while ministering with sincere hearts holds the potential to heal others, it holds the potential to heal what may be unmended in ourselves. Reaching out offers an invitation – and a challenge – to grow.