Scott’s Story

I’m an inmate at Airway Heights Correctional Facility in Airway Height Washington. I’ve know Gib Pellet for approximately 8 years. I became interested in Gib when I overheard another inmate talking to him on the phone.

When the conversation ended I asked this guy who he’d been talking to because he seemed really happy, like he was in a lot better place than before the conversation. He gave me Gib’s contact information and I wrote Gib a letter. The result has changed my life.

Gib’s not only become my friend and flown all the way to Washington State to visit me, he’s spent hundreds of dollars of his own money and probably as many hours helping me market my leather work and communicate with family members and attorneys and has worked tirelessly to get my sentence overturned. Prison is a horrific place and a place where hope doesn’t exist for a lot of us on the inside.

Because of my relationship with Gib I feel hopeful and I have stronger faith in God and the way love can overcome evil.

– Scott