A letter to prison

Tonight I’m working on a letter to a guy who’s spent 21 years of his life in solitary confinement.  The guy was locked up at the age of 14 with some other “delinquents” in the county jail in Florida a subjected to various forms of torture by the local police before finally being sentenced.  The experience created a monster and when our friend was released he rampaged against the people who’d victimized him.  Being a foster child had set the man on an early path to feelings of abandonment and his experience in county jail galvanized all of this, but somewhere between then and now Michael encountered a person who loved him and convinced him that hate and vengeance just perpetuated the cycle and now he looks forward to the day when he can share hope with others.  Another volunteer with our organization and I are sending Michael materials and financial support so he can build his understanding of a life different form the one he’s had.  Gib