Mission Possible

Common Ground Outreach (CGO) was founded in 2014 as an outgrowth of a lifetime of experience looking for answers to life’s most meaningful questions. Founded by Gib Pellet, lifelong soul seeker and social justice advocate, he and a committed group of volunteers search for meaning and justice and have multiple points of entry into conversations taking place everywhere in society. Having begun as one person’s mission, CGO is now a large network of people, in different cities, offering resources, outreach, and friendship to the communities they serve.


CGO’s mission is to support communities by connecting the distressed with lasting resources for the physical, social and spiritual well-being of all. They do this by building understanding and alliance between people of all walks of life, fostering resilience, breaking down walls of isolation of belief systems, and opening doors to change and mutual growth.

CGO’s values include relationships, building bridges of understanding, the human spiritual journey, connection with the natural world, and mutually supported growth.  CGO’s vision is empathetic, well-balanced communities in which people are valued, hostilities are lost, and people understand one another at deep levels, leading to a safer and more hospitable world