An open-hearted outreach without walls

Social, environmental justice; prison outreach; counseling; and spiritual exploration. An Alliance of hope.

Common Ground Outreach (CGO) is a movement of people of diversity, skill and training, who have joined together spiritually to address the challenges of our time. Environmental, economic, and social justice are targeted as is the commitment to strengthen the global alliance of change.

Spiraling spring fern

We provide innovative, grassroots education, and opportunities for connection, seeking to recover people from the margins to which they may have been cast. Although guided by the simple principle that there is that of God in everyone, CGO is inclusive and welcomes those from all backgrounds. Our workers aspire to relieve the isolation of those we serve by listening empathetically and sharing the message of God’s love. From dialogue come understanding, and the chance to re-engage an individual’s unique gifts with their communities.

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