Gib’s Story


family photo


50 years ago some guys came into the lives of my friends and I back in Lake Forest, Illinois with a message of love.  The message was channeled through story of Jesus Christ.  It was the last type of message I wanted to be associated with.  My whole world was about being “Hot”… that is, like all teenagers, I wanted acceptance and love but had no sense that real happiness might be waiting on a different plain.  These Young Life folks came around and spent time just listening to me and the others in my group and I was disarmed; all the walls I’d built were breached… my tough soul had been invaded… I wanted to be like these new guys.  Learning a new way to live / learning kindness and humility, isn’t, as far as I can tell, instinctual for humans… as least not for the ilk I came from on the North Shore of Chicago.  It was a dog eat dog, materialistic environment.  But God had done a number on me and now, after long years in the wilderness and also “making holy tents” I’ve found the opportunity to incorporate experience, faith and amazing friendships into a ministry that majors in hope for the folks, like me, who need it the most.  The world is chaotic but revolving around in the debris are people God loves and one of my beliefs is that, with the Divine Spark, all of us can be part of the Change that will make the Creator glad.