GibPellet Gib Pellet /  Director Common Ground Outreach / M.A. Theology and Youth Outreach

Gib Pellet – the Founder of Common Ground Outreach, has been involved in outreach work since his own life changing experience in High School in 1966. Gib’s major talents are in community building and individual self-realization. Education > B.A. in Philosophy from St. Paul Bible College, and an M.A. in Theology and Youth Outreach from Luther Seminary in St. Paul. CGO is an outgrowth of a lifetime of experience helping individuals and communities build better lives.


Dan Jensen and Heather Johnson have finished their two year commitments to the Board of Common Ground Outreach and we so much appreciate all their hard work.  As of January 1st, 2018, we have four new Board members meeting to discuss the next phase of the outreach and their roles.  We’ll be posting their Bio’s soon.  Thanks again to Dan and Heather and watch this space!  Gib


Frank Frank Bacon /  Member at large /  Harvard University / Airline Pilot Delta Airlines

Frank flew for Delta Airlines for 31 years. Frank is an old retired guy who enjoys his grand children, biking, cross country skiing. He attends the Minneapolis Friends Meeting (Quakers) and volunteers at Free Geek Twin Cities (A nonprofit group dedicated to promoting cheap access to computers, and reduction of electronic waste).