Board Update / January 31st, 2016

Common Ground Outreach / Board Update / January 31st, 2016


Dan and I met today to discuss our financial reporting.  The discussion was upbeat and realistic, bringing to bear the importance of creating a system of procedures that keep us complaint with state and federal governments.  After two years of winging it, it felt great to have someone else take steps to build this part of our organization, great to be reminded that we’re all committed to doing our part; when we meet in two weeks there should be a solid list of goals we are going to be working on (e.g. when you all sign off on your Board Bio’s I’ll get them on the website).  Tim is already booked for the van down from Duluth and, if it’s o.k. with Frank, I’d like to use his downstairs recreation room as our meeting place.  It’s a perfect space, with an overhead projection screen, lots of chairs and a restroom.  Tim and I were commenting on what a blessing Frank is to us in many ways / a person that really walks the walk of grace and compassion and doesn’t ask for recognition. 


Dan and I also talked about some “vision” ideas that have been percolating.  This morning during my meditation and reading I was hit, again, with the power of our “alliance of hope” theme.  It’s kind of sappy and simplistic but look at the Trump phenomenon; people are hungry for simple, powerful messages, and hope, love and disarmament are messages with  more energy to transform our immediate and global communities than terror, jihad and political warfare.  I tried it on some of my friends on Facebook afterwards who were reaching out to say “Hi” from Africa and Viet Nam … I just sent them some simple, loving blessings and friendship words and the effect was deep gratitude and blessings in return… very good karma my friends.  Have a good week.