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Please help Common Ground Outreach and our Volunteers support people in prison.

Your gift provides the tools for volunteers and staff to help our friends behind bars and lighten the burden for inmates. Thank you in advance for your generosity in giving these “forgotten” ones a second chance!

  • legal aid
  • Christmas food packages
  • travel expenses for staff
  • post mail
  • electronic mail accounts
  • phone fees


Please help Common Ground Outreach and our Volunteers support your communities.

Your gift provides the resources for people to gather face-to-face to engage in dialogue about issues that matter to them, building and strengthening relationships that form the backbone of our communities.

  • room rentals
  • refreshments
  • advertisement

Click on the donate button below or send your check to Common Ground Outreach at 4014 15th Avenue S., #6B, Minneapolis, MN 55407.  Your gifts are tax deductible.  Remember justice is often just a matter of place and time.  Thank you!

Dec 21st, 2019
Due to a technical issue with the regular PayPal account for Common Ground Outreach, we are temporarily accepting donations through the Founder’s personal PayPal account. Your donation will still be tax deductible, and all funds & reporting for your gifts will be kept completely separate. Thanks for your kind understanding!